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How to make the most out of your wedding trial

When booking in your bridal hair I always advise to secure a trial date too! This is a sure way to know that your hair will be exactly as you expected on your wedding day. This is a dedicated time especially to you so I can get to know your style and theme and bring your vision to life. So here are my top tips to make the most out of your trial day..

Inspiration- Bring inspo pictures with you and narrow down to 2-3 styles. This is a great way of letting me know what style and vibes you like in your hair styling, even if we don't choose to go for a style exactly like your pictures it will give me a vision to create from.


Inspo pics- When searching for inspiration always choose images of hair that is a similar colour and thickness to your own hair. This way when the style is recreated you will achieve a similar result. eg. If you are loving a long blonde curly look and you have black short fine hair you are not going to achieve the same outcome.


Hair colour- Have your hair a very similar colour that you plan to have on your wedding day. Its amazing how different the same style can look on different hair colours.


Curly Hair- If you are blessed with the curls and want to work with them for your wedding day I always advise my brides to style their curls as they usually would and use their fave products to get the best result. Then on the day I can do my thing to enhance them even more!

Wash your hair- Have you ever heard its best to work with dirty hair? Not here its not! I always advise its best to wash your hair the night before your trial. This way your hair will be clean to work with as I can always remove any softness using products. When working with hair that is too oily it will fall flat and may not create the finish you desire.


What to wear- Wear something that is light in colour and if you plan to wear makeup on your day apply a little for your trial day too! This is to give you a closer image as to what you will look like on the day.


Have fun- Most importantly enjoy this experience! This is a time where we can talk all things wedding and make you feel amazing. I am open and honest with all of your questions and needs, so make sure you fire away and we can celebrate the build up to your wedding day together!

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